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As a family law attorney, I am in practice to help you reach a fair resolution to any issue related to your divorce, including child custody, child support, spousal support, modification and enforcement, domestic violence, orders of protections, community property division, and Department of Child Protective Services issues. I am an Arizona family law attorney based in Phoenix, available to serve clients throughout Arizona and in the local communities of Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Peoria, Glendale, Buckeye, Goodyear, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and Paradise Valley.

Please call anytime for a free initial consultation about your Family Law matter. I aggressively advocate for my clients’ interests through whatever means are most appropriate in each case: through negotiation, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, settlement conferences, or traditional courtroom litigation involving motion practice, evidentiary hearings and trials.

Ken Royer, Family Law Attorney
I enjoy practicing family law. My only boss is each one of my clients. People who are facing the emotional and financial challenge of divorce appreciate my informal and approachable manner. When you hire me, I will personally represent you from beginning to end. I will not hand your case off to another attorney. I will make myself completely knowledgeable about your case and remain available virtually 24/7. All clients have my business, home and cell phone numbers. Calls to my office are promptly responded to by myself, or my assistant Lucy.

Experienced Family Law Lawyer
Many people hope to save money by means of a “do it yourself divorce.” They often feel they can prepare their own pleadings by using software available on the Internet or Superior Court website to calculate child and spousal support. However, stakes are high. The cost of errors can become much greater than short-term gain. There’s no substitute for the qualified guidance and courtroom presence of an experienced family law attorney.

Many family law matters are time-sensitive. This means that the law requires you to act quickly, or lose certain rights. It is important to protect yourself and your best interests in a timely manner. The legal process may be complex and lengthy. You are well advised to seek out the representation of a reliable family law lawyer who can ensure that you meet deadlines and will capably counsel you at all stages of the divorce process.

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When your personal life is in turmoil, a supportive, personable lawyer can put you at ease and allow you to see important issues clearly. People with family law challenges have turned to me for reliable counsel and representation for over 10 years. My clients leave with confidence in their ability to face their legal matters and obtain a satisfactory outcome with my assistance. Contact me for a free initial consultation with an experienced, Arizona divorce lawyer.

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